Cobalt Scrap Metal

The obvious benefits of recycling cobalt Scrap Metal are the same as applied to any recyclable material. Cost savings, a positive impact on the environment, the conservation of natural resources, energy savings, and it creates employment opportunities. Recycling is one of the rare activities that has virtually no downside. Cobalt is only produced in a limited number of countries. There are no guarantees that this resource will not become depleted in the future. This makes recycling this metal vital. New technologies have made it possible to reclaim more cobalt than ever before. The very popular and widely used lithium-ion battery is produced using cobalt. There are new methods for the extraction of rare metals from these batteries that are safe for the environment and offer a higher yield. It is much more preferable to recycle this material than it is to consign the millions of used batteries to landfills.

What is cobalt scrap metal?

In everyday terms cobalt scrap metal is the remainder from the commercial uses of the element cobalt, which is a by-product of mining copper and nickel ore. Cobalt has a long history of usage. Ornaments have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs that have been painted a dark blue using cobalt in the mix. It is silvery in color and one of only three elements found to be natural magnets. The metal has quite a few applications in various industries because it produces heat resistant, anticorrosion alloys, and pigments used to color glass and other materials. As mentioned above it is a central component used in making lithium batteries. Cobalt is also considered a valuable nutrient because it is a fundamental element of the vitamin B-12.

The Craft of Recycling Cobalt Scrap Metal

During the manufacturing process where cobalt is used, some is left behind as scrap metal. This scrap metal can be recovered either as a powder or a chemical. This reclaimed cobalt is then reused in various industries. Cobalt is also recycled from used lithium-ion batteries that individuals turn into recycling companies. It is important to mention that phone and car batteries should be disposed of in an appropriate and safe manner. It is strongly recommended to use a facility that is experienced in recycling scrap metals and that uses the best procedures for disposing of any hazardous materials that may be a by-product of recycling. Using reputable scrap metal recyclers is the only way to ensure the protection of the environment.

Recycling cobalt scrap metal and other metals have become integral to the North American economy. It helps provide sustainable resources and has fostered business for decades. The U.S. alone recycles more than one-quarter of a billion pounds of scrap metal each year. Unfortunately, mining for ore simply isn’t sustainable. There is only so much metal that occurs naturally, and it will be used up eventually. Recycling offers new opportunities to use metals such as cobalt without mining and refining. That is good for the planet and good for the economy.